Special occasions like Prom, Weddings, Quinceaneras, special ceremonies and Bar Mitzvahs all call for a special mode of transportation: shiny and stylish limousines with a personal driver. There's nothing better than showing up to Prom in a sweet limo with your friends and date, all ready to have a blast and dance the night away.

However, when it comes to searching for a limousine to rent for such occasions, what questions should you be asking yourself and the representative on the other line? Before you begin calling up limousine services, make a list of questions to ask the representatives and write down the answers. Do it for each one and compare them to help you decide which Orlando limo service you will go with.

How Long Will You Need Their Service?

Knowing how long you will need to rent such an extravagant vehicle will help determine how much it will cost to rent it, and how long you will need to pay a driver for. Will you need it for specific hours, or just to get from point A to point B?

What are the Overall Expenses?

Knowing how much the rental of the vehicle and how much you will have to pay for a driver can help determine if that company is a match for your budget. This also includes insurance, gas, mileage and any other service fees. Also check about unexpected delays that could occur in your plans, extra stops, or route changes and what the additional costs will be for going past your contracted timeframe and mileage.

Does the Rental Contract Include Insurance?

Knowing whether or not the rental contract includes insurance can help you decide if the company is right for you. Should something happen, will you have to cover your own hospital bills, or will the rental company's insurance be covering it?

Are the Vehicles Safe and Inspected?

It's always best to make sure that the vehicle has passed all the necessary safety inspections according to State and Federal laws. Have the vehicles been in accidents before or do they have any mechanical problems- it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Are the Drivers Properly Trained and Certified?

You don't want some college kid driving you around in an expensive car and potentially costing you a lot of money and time. Make sure the drivers are certified and trained to operate that vehicle and have safe driving records.

What Kind of Limo Will You Need?

Do you have a small party or 5 or a large group of 12 you're looking to have along for the ride? Knowing how many people will be in the vehicle will ultimately decide how large of a limousine you will need. The larger the limo, the bigger the charges might be overall.

What Extra Services Will You Need?

Will you need to make multiple or additional stops to other areas? Will you need additional services or luxuries like a stocked mini bar or music services? Knowing if the company can provide these or if you will have to bring your own beverages and music will help make planning easier. You'll be able to see if they will fit into your overall budget.

Check Their Service Ratings and Reviews

If a company has a lot of good reviews then you can rest assured that they provide a specific quality of service that will not disappoint. Checking the reviews will help you know what to expect.


Having all your questions answered and in front of you to compare will give you a good amount of ease and make the decision a bit easier to make when it comes time to decide. If you think of more questions or have concerns, feel free to talk with the representative again. A good limo rental company will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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